Being Stubborn & unwelcoming

  • Not wanting to listen to off color, racist and/or demeaning jokes
  • Finding the discussion of dirty underwear distasteful. Especially when the part consisted of those friends and family that attended the HS graduation
  • Finding it horrible that your daughter didn’t like getting pinched at the point shoulder meets the neck with a comment that the boys, meaning her cousins,  say this hurts.

According to the matriarch,  any of the above means I’m being unwelcoming.

Finding offensive the questioning of the workings of a job I’ve had 20+ years, that they can’t possibly be doing it that way or the Sunday traffic flows of a town I’ve lived in for 25+ years means I’m pig-headed, stubborn and unwilling to compromise just like matriarch’s spouse.  I know it sounds petty but when the entire weekend was these same kind of “attacks” , I’ve had enough.  It’s really no wonder why I only last 2 days in their company.

Truly family is a blessing but there are times when glad they are over a 1000 miles away.  But after the graduation weekend something is now permanently broken.  I’m not going to keep having the same conversation I’ve been having since I was 13 about this man she has brought into the family.  And I’m going to be certain my daughter is not put in an offensive physical situation in her home again.


It is ok to do what is right for you.  By making sure you are ok you are taking care of you & your immediate family.